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MORAFAB Phage-Display Human Fab Library

Phage display is a powerful tool to screen and select for high affinity binders from a large library. This technique has been successfully applied in the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies and diagnostic tools. With the intention to deliver a large panel of fully human monoclonal antibodies to our customers, Moradec has designed and constructed a high quality phage-displayed human Fab library (MORAFAB), which comprises approximately 10e^9 to 10e^10 unique antibodies. The MORAFAB library is a representation of 30 fully human heavy chain frame works and 20 light chain (10 kappa and 10 lambda) frame works, which were pre-selected for their good expression level and high stabilities. The library diversity is further enhanced with the carefully designed heavy and light chain CDR3s, which enables diverse epitope coverage.

Moradec offers the following services using the MORAFAB phage-display human Fab library:
1. Antibody discovery program (you provide the antigens, we do the panning), with turnaround time of 4-6 weeks from antigen to lead identification.
2. Cross-species reactivity selection (you provide the antigens, we do the cross-species panning and selection), with turnaround time of 4-8 weeks from antigen to lead identification.
3. Affinity maturation (based upon the leads identified from the library).

In addition to the above services, Moradec also markets/licenses the existing antibody leads identified from our internal discovery programs using the MORAFAB library.

For more information, please see MORAFAB and contact Moradec.